Introducing our all new Bump Casts!!

I am so excited to finally be able to announce that Bump Casts are now available alongside my Bump, Newborn, Baby Club Packages.

A Bump cast is an amazing way of capturing your baby's first home. A bump cast is so unique to each mum & her baby. It's such a special and personal way to capture that fleeting moment of your pregnancy and gives you something you can treasure forever. ❤️


This is the ideal way to capture your pregnancy.

A cast of your ‘bump' is taken around 36-38 weeks, then during your little ones Newborn session, I gently place them back inside their own personal little bump bowl and capture this unforgettable image of how they fitted into your tummy - putting them back where it all started!!

How amazing is that?

When you come to view your newborn images you can then take your cast home with you and have it displayed in your home.

What an amazing keepsake to show to your child as he/she grows!

  • Theodore Lee
  • Loe

If you haven't already booked your newborn session and want the opportunity to do something different & unique then please get in touch for more details.

To book your own bump shoot with bump cast click


How long will it take?

A casting typically takes between 20 and 30 minutes to apply and set, it will then take another 24-48 hours to cure.

When's the best time to have a casting done?

The best time to have a casting done with 3-4 weeks before baby's arrival date, you'll have a great shaped bump, and still feel comfortable to sit whilst the cast is applied.

Will the casting hurt?

No, it will feel a little tight as it tries, a bit like a face mask when it's starting to set, it will not harm you or your baby.

What can I do with it afterwards?

Many people like to keep it and hang it on the wall as a piece of sculpture, or hung in abay's room to keep cuddly toys in, it can also be painted and decorated however you like.

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