Expecting a baby? Read along....

When people think of Newborn Photography, the thought of cute images of baby asleep and looking so peaceful and serine….in reality  baby rarely comes along so serine, but that's expected, however sometimes there's a baby who just doesn’t seem right… 

I'm guessing that you’ve popped in here because you’re expecting a baby and you're searching for a Newborn Photographer

So while you’re googling that, one thing to ask yourself is;

🍼 can my Newborn Photographer spot a baby in distress?

🍼 what would my Newborn Photographer do if my baby suddenly needed medical help during the session?

🍼 are they trained and ready to react?

Every new and expecting parent should read this before they book their Newborn Photographer.

I, along with hundreds of other photographers around the world, are just that!

We are photographers who deal with newborns, but unlike families or weddings, we are dealing with brand new little humans, and as a photographer I feel it is so important to do everything I can to equip myself for the safe handling of your new precious bundle.

So when a certified Newborn course came along which allowed me to learn more about the medical side of newborns and new mums, naturally I was going to jump right in. Over time I have completed different courses on baby posing along with aspects of the business side of photographing babies, but nothing like this course which is run by the Academy of Newborn Photography.

To start with, the course was hard, there was a need to understand medical terms, the sort of stuff nurses, doctors normally study, but in a very condensed version, and created with non-medical people in mind. I always knew that as newborn photographers we have an important job, having your so very new baby in our care, but the information in this training helped me understand how critical the first few weeks of a babies life is.

After you read pages and pages of medical information on the birth period, neonatal period, new mum and baby complications, CPR, birth defects, complications, workplace health and safety etc, you still have to pass a test! Not just one, but lots of tests…I've never been one for passing exams first time, to be honest, exams scare me, so I was filled  with dread, and as I expected it was hard, actually that's an understatement!  I’m not ashamed to say it took me a few goes to pass all the elements involved.

Was it worth the pain? Defiantly!  Why? Because your baby’s Health and Safety is my number 1 priority. It’s so important to choose a Newborn Photographer who puts your baby #1.

We are so lucky as newborn photographers, to have baby cuddles with so many completely adorable little bundles of cuteness! I’ve feel comfortable with newborns; react and adjust poses or settling when they squirm, to handle a newborn safely, gentle ease out burps, and settle babies off to sleep.


If you’re reading this and looking for a Newborn Photographer, it’s important to find someone who understands your baby’s needs. Please don’t choose someone purely based on price or location. Your baby’s safety comes before pretty pictures. When looking for a photographer for your little bundle, look for someone who has received newborn training and who shows patience and kindness to you and your baby.  

I have also completed my Level 3 Emergency Paediatric First Aid hands-on certification, to update my training. I hope you feel that your baby and your family are my number 1 priority and this puts your mind at ease, knowing that I am qualified, insured, and trained.  

I look forward to meeting you, answering any questions you have, and snuggling your baby… (Oh, and providing you with gorgeous photos, too!).

Elise x

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