That is something I didn't expect when I entered the Portrait Masters Awards 2018.  But wow was I thrilled to receive the award!

I had a vision of creating a portrait that included both flowers and natural beauty.  So on my way to the studio I stopped off at my local florists to see what she'd got in that day.  I loved the look of the Gypsophila, so I got a couple of bunches which would give me enough to experiment  with during the session.

When Sammy and her husband Danny came to the studio we discussed what we were going to create & which outfits to use, and I floated the idea of adding the flowers into the session which she was willing to do to see what we could create.

We tried a variety of different poses, outfit combinations & coloured backgrounds including having her laid on the floor surrounded by the flowers.  To get the look in the image I finally submitted involved Sammy wearing a soft peach net skirt and a chiffon wrap for her top, both of which helped to create a very feminine feel to the image.  

The Gypsophila was split into two sprays, one was pinned to her hair at the back (with lots of hair pins!) & the second spray of flowers Danny could hold in front of her to cover part of her face.  

The positioning of her hands also helped to provide a gentile, almost vulnerable feel to the image.

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