Being a teenager is a difficult time, Each teenager is unique and they grow up so fast, almost as fast as going from a newborn to starting nursery! They are neither adult nor child, their bodies and their minds are changing in extraordinary ways; growing taller, shapelier and more adult-like, yet at the same time there is still an innocence about them. It's a time of great learning and discovery about who they are, and who they're to become in adulthood.

Before you know it they're finishing their high school education and either heading out into the workplace, off to college or university and becoming talented young adults, so why not help them on the road of discovery with a timeless reminder of all their hopes for the future.

From meeting the students we photograph and learning about their passions and interests and helping them plan their outfits, props and backdrops for their senior portraits, we’re there every step of the way πŸ˜Š

Spencer Family
Thmpson Family

Each session lasts approximately 1hr where we will do a variety of images ranging from posh frock through to casual and sport clothing.

For more information about our maternity sessions and gender reveal session download our Clients Guide


Are you ready to book your Senior session?

What should we bring for a senior session?

A mixture of formal and casual clothes, items that will compliment each other in style and colour. No contrasting colours or logos! We want to ensure that we mix it up a bit - showing off your casual, relaxed side as well as you're 'I'm ready for the Prom' side.

Anything that you all love to do - maybe you're all passionate about playing instruments - violin, cello, guitar etc. or maybe you love playing a sport such as rugby, netball or cricket.

Maybe you're avid reader, if so why not bring along a stack of your favourite books, or maybe you love playing board games, bring along a pile of your favourite ones.

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