Today it's easier to keep in visual contact with loved ones no matter where in the world we are, but one of the first things we do when someone passes away is reach for the photographs we have of them. In the past having a photograph taken was a special occasion, with everyone getting all dressed up because they knew that what they were about to do was create something that they were going to treasure for many years to come.

Back then it was a way of carrying your family with you when you set off for a new life at the other end of the country, or a different country or even on a different continent, when you were unlikely to ever see your family again.

In today's society of the selfie, where most photographs are taken on a smart phone or tablet and rarely get backed up or printed, or are taken with the intention of altering them purely for novelty value and, rarely see the light of day beyond the moment we took them & uploaded it onto social media; how many photographs will survive for future generations in the way our ancestors have survived through their family portraits?

Thinking about it, how many of the images would we want to preserve for future generations?

At Photo-times Photography you can relax, be pampered, walk out feeling and looking amazing, having created priceless portraits for you and your family to treasure for generations to come.

If you would like your own portrait experience, please click on my session:

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