The Session

The Viewing & Ordering

I would like to tell you about what to expect at a photograph session with at photo-times Photography.

We recognise that having your photograph taken can be quite a daunting prospect, and can feel unnatural, so I want to be able to put your mind, and nerves, at ease.

Your session is tailored to what you want, so we will have a discussion ahead of your session so we understand what you are looking for from the session, as the more we get to know you, the better we can tailor your experience and deliver what you're hoping for.

Our aim is to provide you with images you'll fall in love with, that show you your beauty & the special bond you have with all of your family and the love you share.

Clothing choices will be top of the discussion list as this is quite important as it will set the tone for the whole session.  We will be able to help you get the look and style you're after.  To make your session extra special, we have a hair & make-up specialist available to give you that extra bit of pampering.  We're happy for you to send us pictures of the clothes you think you'd like to wear & we can offer feedback and tips on how to achieve what you're after.  We have a selection of outfits in the studio that we can incorporate should you wish, but ultimately the images are about you, not your clothes.

I will take a lot of pictures of you in different poses & clothes during the session, and then pick the very best ones to show you at the viewing & ordering session which we will book at the end of your session.  All images will be edited by me & presented to you finished.

A portrait session is not something you do everyday, so we want to make the whole experience as memorable as possible for you.

At the end of your portrait session we will agree the date & time for your viewing & ordering session, usually about 2 weeks later.

This session is your chance to see your beautiful images. I will have prepared the best images from our session, and they will be fully edited as I will sprinkle them with some magic so you see the best of the best.

We will discuss your options as you view and choose your images. Our handmade folio boxes, in which your printed images fit perfectly, are so beautiful, you can choose either 10 or 20 images and you will also receive a digital copy of all your chosen images.

There are also wall art products for your images to be displayed on your walls, we can discuss the best style and size to compliment your home perfectly during your viewing session.

For further details please visit our 'Make Your House A Home' page.

If you would like your own portrait experience, please click on my session:

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