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The reasons for having a boudoir session are personal and varied but whatever the reason, one thing that you can be certain of is that at the end of it they will be some of the best portraits of yourself you will ever see!

In each session we will do a variety of images using the beautiful lingerie that you bring in,  ranging from dressed through to implied nude if you're comfortable going that far.

Each session lasts approximately 1hr, if you opt to include having my professional hair and make-up done, this will be done the hour before your session.

To capture your beauty with a special boudoir session, click book now:

When to have a boudoir session?

The reasons for having a boudoir session are very personal, and every woman has their own reason for doing it; a surprise gift on your wedding night for your lifetime partner-to-be, your lifetime partner for an anniversary, to have a more sensual view of the end of your pregnancy, to celebrate a much deserved promotion or to boost your self esteem.

What do I need to wear?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable and pretty in. I provide this list as a guide to help you:

* Pretty bra and underwear sets in a variety of styles and/or colours  

* Stockings and belt/or self-hold up stockings

* Regular jeans and camisole top

* Buttoned shirt or blouse

* Button up cardigan

Is there anything else I need to do?

I highly recommend professional makeup and hair.

Don't forget to schedule in getting your nails and waxing done a week before your session, and have a facial the day before. 

Not only will this make your your images look even more amazing, you will also feel beautiful & confident at your session. However, if a professional make-up and hair artist is not in your budget, your I'm-off-out-on-a-really-hot-date makeup and hair is fine too.

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