Child - Photo-times Photography


Children grow up so fast, and change so much over the years.  We also know how precious life is and how it can change so quickly.  Creating lasting memories of, and with, the children in our lives is so special, and cementing that special bond between family members helps us when they are no longer with us.  Having photographs to look back on years from now is a joyous thing to do, to remember how we/they looked, and how much we all change over the years.

Each session will last approximately one hour, with a couple of costume changes.

To book your family or child in for a memorable photography session, simply click on create a memory!

What should we bring?

A mixture of formal and casual clothes, items that will compliment each other in style and colour.  

Anything that is specific sentimental value to the child - a favourite toy they won't leave the house without; maybe they've a real passion for: playing an instrument - violin, guitar etc. playing a sport such as football, rugby or cricket.  

Maybe they are a budding ballerina or  gymnast, or perhaps they're an avid reader, so bring along a stack of their favourite books, or a lover of playing board games, bring along a pile of their favourite ones!

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