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Each family is as unique as the individuals who make them up.  They grow up, become cheeky toddlers, passionate teenagers, talented adults, and the family grows bigger with time.  

A family session is a great way to reflect all the different personalities, but also to capture a moment in time, where you can hold your family in your hand for all time.  

Whether it's a new addition to the family, the children have grown up, maybe got families of their own, a significant birthday, or just because, a family session will definitely be something that will allow your family to remain timeless.

Each family session will last approximately 1-2hrs including costume changes. 

To allow your family to have images to treasure in years to come, book your family session by clicking on the style  of session you'd like:

What should we bring?

For traditional family session:

For White Box session:

For True Colours session:

A mixture of formal and casual clothes, items that will compliment each other in style and colour. No contrasting colours or logos!

Anything that you all love to do as a family - maybe you're all passionate about playing instruments- violin, cello, guitar etc. or maybe you all love playing a sport such as football, rugby or cricket.

Maybe you're all avid readers, so why not bring along a stack of your favourite books, or maybe you're all lovers of playing board games, bring along a pile of your favourite ones!

As above, basically anything goes so long as it can fit inside the box!


These sessions are all about having great fun and combine a mixture of facial and energised silhouette style images, so clothing isn't so important, but you may want to think about what you'll be comfortable in wearing when jumping and moving around high heels may not be the most appropriate footwear!

Ensure that your tops are co-ordinated so when doing the headshots there is some synergy.

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