Mini Sessions

We have a variety of mini-sessions throughout the year that are part of our diary, these are short sessions; up to 30 minutes, which is perfect for little ones who are easily bored or distracted.

We have seven mini-sessions pre-planned throughout the year which are:

Bookshelf Baby - Valentines - Easter - Super Hero - Back-2-School - Teddy Bears Picnic - Halloween - Christmas

Unlike our standard sessions, these sessions are themed by us, for you, so all you have to do is rock up all dressed up for the theme, work the poses and facial expressions to create fantastic images to look back on.

To book a mini-session, complete the form, including which session[s] you're interested in, we will then send you details of when the sessions are available to be booked, along with a link to book and pay for your session.

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We have three options to choose from; 

Level 1 - session and five (5) digital images = £60

Level 2- session, 10 digital images and a 7 inch framed image = £100

Level 3 - session, 10 digital images and a 10 inch framed image = £150

All prices are paid for at the time of booking.  

There is also new for 2021, our Min-Me's Club which not only helps spread the cost of the mini sessions throughout the year, but also is great value for money and the perfect way to document this creative, imaginative, magical time in your little ones development. To find out more click on Mini-Me's Club

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