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A newborn baby is a tiny living miracle & a sight to behold.  They're tiny faces explore the possibilities with wonder and intrigue, the tininess of their nose, mouth, fingers & toes are a delight to see.  Before too long their newness develops into a fast growing little person, & it's hard to remember how tiny they were, so capturing those precious memories is an important part of their life story.

A newborn session typically lasts up to 2hrs, but is very much dependant on how baby is on the day.  The studio will be quite warm as baby will not have much clothing, if any, on fo much of the session, so ensure that you have layers on so that you can remain comfortable throughout.

There will be a mixture of close up images showing the cuteness and tininess of their features, as well as a variety of poses, and props incorporated into the session.  There will also be a variety of poses with each parent separately, as well as both parents together.  Similarly if baby has any siblings, they can be photographed on their own as well as with both parents.       

To capture the smallness, and uniqueness of your new baby in a newborn session, simply click on the capture my newness

Because baby grows up so fast, why not consider joining our Baby Club, which allows you to capture your baby's first year, simply go to Baby Club to find out more.

When should I book a newborn session?

Either 4-6 weeks before your due date, or when you come in for your maternity session.  If baby doesn't arrive on your due date, your session can be either pulled back or pushed forward to accommodate when baby does arrive.

What do I need to bring with me?

Any special heirlooms that have been handed down to baby, maybe a teddy or two, a special book or old family photograph from baby's nursery.

On a more practical note; bring enough feed for a whole day - baby will be surprisingly hungry during the session and it's better to have too much than not enough!  nappies, wipes, blankets are also required.

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