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I have kept dogs most of my adult life, and I adore meeting new ones! At home we currently have four fur-babies 2 boys and 2 girls; Seaums, Louis, Tessie & Molly. Three are rescue dogs and one we got as a pup - the runt of the litter.

Our pets are a very big part of our family, and I'm guessing your pets are a big part of your family too. Thats why I'm always happy for you to bring your pets along to your own session, or they can have their very own pawtrait session!

Each pawtrait session last about 1hr, depending on how cooperative your pet is on the day. 

To book your special 4-legged friend in for their own pawtrait session click book now:

What do I need to bring?

Pets favourite toys, any clothes you wish to dress your pet in and any favourite treats to entice them to engage with the camera.

I have water bowls to hand as well as some treats, but you know what your pet loves and what you prefer them to have so I will only give them treats if you're happy.

Is there anything else I need to do?

I'd recommend taking your pet to a groomers the day before the session for a full shampoo and trim of fur and claws to ensure they look their best on the day.

Ensure they've been to do their business outside before coming into the studio.  There is a park across the road from the studio, always ensure you clear your pets mess up when using public areas.  

There may be little accidents during the session, but it avoids having to stop the flow of the session to allow them to relieve themselves.

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