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This includes:

Pre-session consultation either by phone or email

Guides on how to prepare for your session, including style tips

The portrait session - Approx 1 hour, newborn up to 3 hours

Professional hair and make-up

An in-person viewing appointment at my studio

Folio Box Collections start at £495

Wall Art start at £200

Packages start at  £250

  • Portfolio Box

    Portfolio Box

    Inside and mount options

  • Memory Box

    Memory Box


  • Memory Box & USB

    Memory Box & USB

    Outside & colour options

  • Wall Art

    Wall Art

    example: Baby Face Trio

If you would like your own portrait experience, please click on my session:

Payment Plans

Why not pay monthly for your sensational family portraits, at no extra cost (interest free) no matter how much you spend with a GoCardless payment plan.

✵ Pay over time - up to 5 months

✵ Spread the cost of your purchase into equal monthly payments without paying interest

✵ Simple process for setting up - follow link sent in to you in an email

✵ You must be at least 18.

How do I set up Direct Debit?

To set up a new Direct Debit, the merchant (Photo-times Photography) will need to provide you with an authorisation form to complete. This is an online form and will be sent to you via email. Once you submit the completed form online, we will then initiate the process for your bank to set up a new Direct Debit Instruction (mandate) on your bank account. Once active, we will then be able to charge your account according to the payment parameters set for you by the merchant.

Can I pay using a credit or debit card?

GoCardless is an online Direct Debit provider and as such, we do not offer customers the option to pay merchants via credit or debit cards. If you would prefer to make a payment outside of the Direct Debit system, please contact the merchant you’re paying directly.

What emails can I expect to receive?

You will receive emails for the following:

✵ To confirm the setup of your Direct Debit mandate, or if the mandate should fail or is cancelled.

✵ Payment notification, three working days before an ad-hoc (one-off) payment is due to be charged. If a payment is cancelled or fails. (Please note failure notifications are sent the next working day, after the charge date).

✵When a failed payment is retried.

✵ When a new subscription (recurring payment) is set up.

✵The email will contain information to let you know the amount of your payments and how often they are collected. (Please note that if your payments are part of a subscription you will not receive an email before each payment is collected).

✵ If your subscription amount is changed or when a subscription expires or is cancelled.

Click here for frequently asked questions about GoCardless

Gift Vouchers are available from here:

Prices are subject to change without notice. You are guaranteed pricing at the time of ordering.  We accept all major debit and credit cards. Interest Free finance available, please ask for more details.

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