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Please note this is our FAQ for schools. For parent information see our parent online ordering system FAQ at

Is there a fee for a set of low resolution portraits that automatically install onto our Schools system?

No, we provide low resolution images as a part of our complimentary service. However, SIMS users will require a license file from Capita to enable the images to populate your database automatically, Capita do charge for this license.

I require a license for my SIMS images, who do I contact?

We do not provide the licenses for SIMS, please contact CAPITA helpdesk on 0844 892 2407

How easy is it for our school to import pupils’ images into our database?

It is extremely straightforward; it usually takes seconds to populate your entire database. If you are a SIMS user the instructions to import your images can be downloaded from the following web page:

Are your photographers DBS checked?

Yes all our photographers have DBS enhanced level disclosure and are trained to the highest standard in the industry.

Can I have the same photographer as last time?

Our standard practice is that Elise Northfield, our lead photographer is on site at the start and the end of the day to set up and take down all equipment, ensuring all work carried out is to the highest standard. However in the very rarest of occasions this might not be possible.

Is there a charge for staff portraits to be taken?

No, we are happy to take your staff portraits on the same day as your pupils’ portraits. Please talk to us if you have a particularly large proportion of staff to pupil ratio.

Are we expected to count any money?

No, our schools are asked not to count money. We also have an ordering systems that is specifically designed to reduce your schools administration.

Do you offer commission?

Yes, we offer a generous 30% commission on all products chosen by the school.

Could you take our prospectus photographs?

Yes, we can undertake any photography for education; we usually do this on a different day to school portraits and/or class groups.

How can we make a booking with Photo-times Photography Schools?

You can either contact us via the Contact Us link, calling the studio on 01933 779715 or by sending an email to, please include your school name in the subject line.

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